Een uniek opleidingsprogramma met kwalitatieve trainings en coachings voor bedrijven, credit professionals en starters. Credit scan en audits.
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Our training courses are open to companies and all interested individuals. We also offer customized in-company training.

The perfect match between companies and employees is often not an easy path. Triple A takes talented young graduates under its wing and guides them from the start of their career in Credit Management. They get the chance to gain the necessary experience and expand their professional knowledge.

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Het AAA Academist traject

Wij leiden de Credit Professionals van morgen op.

Wij streven ernaar perfecte matches tussen ondernemingen en werknemers aan te kunnen bieden. Triple A Solutions neemt getalenteerde young graduates daarom onder haar vleugels en begeleidt hen van bij de start van hun carrière in Credit Management. Ze krijgen zo de kans om de nodige ervaring op te doen en hun vakkennis uit te breiden, terwijl ze door onze Credit experten in het vak worden opgeleid.


How well do you know the status of your accounts receivable management?

Our Credit Scan provides a clear picture of your company's accounts receivable policy. We provide advice on how to improve the processes to achieve optimal cash flow.

Credit Management is not limited to the financial business processes. It is an integral part of administrative and commercial management. An efficient follow-up of trade receivables must therefore be viewed in a very broad context and be supported by various, also non-financial, procedures.

On the basis of tailor-made structures and guided by our experienced Credit Professionals, the collection of outstanding invoices can be carried out under optimum conditions and - where necessary - adjusted.